Since 1990

Athletes for the Quality of Life (AQLife) began in 1990 by Vincent Alvarez and was based in Orange County and Los Angeles County. It was originally called Athletes for Air Quality and focused primarily on improving air quality in the Orange and Los Angeles Counties.

In 1990, AQLife promoted awareness and help for many environmental groups, worked with the Air Quality Management District, and attended focus groups involved in designing zero emission vehicles.

After about one year, the name was changed to Athletes for the Quality of Life. The name encompassed what we offered; information about healthy lifestyle changes and athletic events that improve a person’s quality of life.

AQLife worked with many companies such as Western Digital, 3M, Sorin BioMedical, CSULB, Allergan and many others by providing nutrition and exercise information.

In addition, AQLife increased awareness about community non-profit organizations such as the American Lung Association, American Cancer Society, Los Angeles Mission, American Heart Association, Santa Monica’s Save the Bay, and many others.

AQlife promoted non-profit organizations through ultra marathon athletic events that gained media attention.

Vincent Alvarez Earth Day, 1990

Earth Day, 1990

On April 19, CSULB student Vince Alvarez bicycled from San Francisco to Long Beach to promote non-polluting forms of transportation and environmental awareness. His April 22 arrival on Upper Campus was celebrated by all who attended Earth Day.

Kim Haggerty/Daily Forty-Niner

AQLife is based in San Diego, CA